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CRCA training is intensive and disciplined at all levels. Your growth with the art and achievements are dependent on your hard work and dedication to the basic foundation of Wing Chun as well as your ability to adapt and self-explore. The general training requirements are as follow.

Beginning Level
  • Trainees must have physical training schedule of at least 3 to 4 times per week prior to attending class.
  • Trainees are required to spend time outside of class to develop themselves. CRCA Wing Chun Gun Fu is a training method of developing a functional understanding of the system of combat. To fully understand, in essence internalize the concepts and theory presented in the classroom, the trainee must develop self awareness through proper and correct repetitive practice.
  • The Siu Leem Tau - "The Little Idea" form (The Alphabet/Numerical System):
    Trainees who attend classes once or twice per week are required to be able to call the Siu Leem Tau after 4 months for instructions. Those who attend classes 3 or more times per week are required to be able to call the Siu Leem Tau after 3 months for instructions.
Advance Level
  • Purchase Sifu Williams' 3 or 6 volume series of books that outline the Wing Chun Gung Fu system.
  • Call the Siu Leem Tau out loud in class.
  • Begin to understand the basics of Ma Boh (Moving Stancework Exercises) by
    a. Demonstrating a Good Rooted stance through Yee Jee Keem Yueung Ma & Choh Ma practice
    b. Demonstrating hand-foot coordination
  • Self exploration a.k.a Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do


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