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Harbinger 320 Bag Glove WristWrap (Black)
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Harbinger's Bag Glove WristWrap is ideal for cardio kick-boxers, martial artists, and boxing enthusiasts of all levels. The patented WristWrap stabilizes the wrist joint with adjustable but gentle pressure, keeping the wrist in the proper position while training. The WristWrap features an ultra-light foam padding that protects the top of the hand while minimizing bulkiness. The hinged thumb allows for a full range of motion, the fully padded open finger design provides you with maximum protection, and the cushioned palm is designed to absorb shock. In addition, the NoSweat Lansing wicks moisture away from your skin.

Lightning Headgear - Blue
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ProForce Lightning
Great shock absorption and superior durability at a great price. 3/4inches foam provides coverage for top, back and sides of head as well as the forehead. Sides of headguard extend down a little further than most to cover the back of the jaw bone. Well ventilated on top, sides and back. Unique ear guards protect ears while allowing for good hearing. Velcro closure chin strap.


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