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Iron Palm Bag
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Made of extra heavy canvas. Bag measures 10" across (big enough to accommodate almost anyone's hands. Helps you develop your open hand techniques and strengthen and toughen your fingers, palm and the back of your hand. Comes filled and weighs 15lbs.


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Due to the potentially damaging effects of striking a tightly packed sandbag, it is vital to the trainee to apply medication known as Leen Goang Jau, or Power Training Wine, to the hands before and after an Iron Palm session. Striking the hard, abrasive surface of the sandbag without proper medication poses the risks to the trainee of bruising and disrupted blood circulation. If carried on for extended periods, Iron Palm training without medication can result in severe injury to the hands, arms and even the internal organs. // PURCHASE: Call 1-316-200-7709 or e-mail: Dr. Steven Bailey at Credit/Debit cards only. Cost: $75 Total(includes shipping within US). Kit of Herbs makes 1 gallon of linament, Purchaser must mix it with Vodka or Rice Wine (not included in kit).

Wing Chun Rattan Ring
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Traditional styled ring designed for developing Juen Ging or "Whirlpool Energy". Handcrafted from select Rattan, sanded and varnished. Used for traditional Wing Chun training! Made in the Orient. 12 inch inner diameter. Approximately 3/4 inch diameter.


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